6 ways the fastest growing companies ensure their teams are more productive than their competitors

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1. Use Software

Xero for finance. Slack for communication. Stripe for payments.

It’s never been easier to get access to world class tools for every business need. Previously this was only available to larger firms that could afford to develop these tools themselves.

The software revolution has come and now the world’s best tools are affordable options for SMEs.

If you’re not using software to drive efficiency you’re falling behind competitors who are.


2. Remove Distractions

Distraction is rife in modern businesses. Most work is completed on a computer, every team member is only one click away from distraction.

Habitually checking the email inbox is the ultimate false positive for productivity.

Ensure the team are aware of this. Have processes in place to eliminate distractions as far as possible. This could be as simple as making it clear that it’s acceptable to only check the inbox twice a day (for non customer facing roles of course!).

3. Clear Impediments

Meetings and their merits have been a point of contention in the office for decades. How many is too many? Who should attend each meeting?

Jeff Bezos’s two pizza rule is a helpful guide for ensuring that meetings are only attended by team members who absolutely need to be there. If the number of people at the meeting can’t be fed by two pizzas, it’s time to let some people out of the room so they can crack on with their job!


4. Autonomous Teams

Spotify have been incredibly transparent about autonomy being a key driving force.

Each team has a long term mission and end to end responsibility for achieving that mission. It’s up to the teams to decide what to do & how to do it.

Why is autonomy so important? Because it’s motivating! And motivated people do much better work. With Spotify on track to make £4 billion in revenue this year, we’re not going to argue about this setup’s effectiveness!

5. Incremental gains

Not every idea has to be a game changer.

Facebook's VP of Growth, Alex Shultz, has spoken of the power of making small improvements. "If you're pushing code once every two weeks and your competitor is pushing code every week, just after two months that competitor will have done 10 times as many tests as you. The competitor will have learned 10 times, an order of magnitude more, about their product than you."

What’s true for code is also true for the rest of the business. If you’re pushing for and finding improvements faster than your competitors it’s going to put you in a good place.

5. Speed As A Habit

Google’s former President, Dave Girouard, has some words that you might as well go ahead and print out for the office wall:

“All else being equal, the fastest company in any market will win.”

This is one of those that may seem like it goes without saying - but how many companies practice this every single day?


6. Use CharlieHR

Alright, shameless plug alert!

CharlieHR is an easy to use HR software that helps over 7000 companies across the UK to organise their teams.

Charlie can:

  • Manage holiday and absences
  • Securely store your team’s personal information
  • Easily onboard new hires.

All of this means that you're able to move faster and get more done, free from admin & constant interuptions throughout the day.

You’re able to learn more about it here.

(Pitch over).

CharlieHR is the HR software for small businesses. Building a company is hard, running one shouldn’t be. Find out more here.



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