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CharlieHR is committed to building world-class tools to help small businesses. As founders ourselves we know the pains that come with running and scaling a team.

Building a business is extremely hard work, running one shouldn't be

It's this conviction that led us to build our popular free HR software, and recently to release CharlieHR+ as a complete, premium HR solution for the rapidly growing business.

Now our talented product team are releasing publicly-available tools to help entrepreneurs and HR teams alike on their heroic journeys to create great businesses: like our employee holiday allowance calculator and holiday pay calculator.

Introducing the "Cost Of New Hire Calculator" website widget

Every aspiring business needs to take on people. In fact, it's often the most rewarding part of growing a business: building a fantastic team.

But knowing when you can afford to hire – and exactly how much it's going to cost you – can be tricky. It's more than just the salary you're offering.

That's why we've built a calculator widget that works out the true cost of bringing on a new team member:

I'm a calculator widget – put me on your own blog!

How does it work? By factoring in multiple variables, including the cost of the time of the people involved in the recruitment process, it's possible to work out how much it costs to recruit and hire a new team member – right up to the point where they've completed their probation period.

Share with your audience

We've built this widget to be shared with small business owners and HR teams far and wide!

It's as easy as copy and pasting this code into your website or blog:

<script class="CharlieHR__new-hire-calculator" type='text/javascript'>!function(c,h,a,r,l,i,e){l=c[l]=c[l]||function(){(l.q=l.q||[]).push(arguments)};i=h.createElement(a);a=h.getElementsByTagName(a)[0];i.src=r+(r.indexOf("?")>=0?"&":"?")+'ref='+encodeURIComponent(c.location.href);a.parentNode.insertBefore(i,a)}(window,document,'script','//','charliehr');</script>

If you think it will provide value to your audience, please use it and share it!

When you're thinking about your next blog post feel free to base it around the calculator – we want to see this go far and wide to as many websites as possible!

If you've got any questions on it, feel free to get touch at

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