✨ Introducing our brand new dashboard ✨

Running a business is hard. Everyday we speak to customers who highlight how hard running, let along growing, a business is.

One theme is constant - nothing is ever in one place. There isn’t a place you can go to oversee everything that is happening inside the business.

Today, when you log into Charlie the first thing you’ll see is a new dashboard. We hope it becomes the home screen for your company.


From your new dashboard you can:

Approve time off requests 🏖️
Directly from the dashboard you can see pending time off requests and approve them in a click. We’ve had constant feedback that finding pending time off requests is a pain. We hope this solves this.

See who is away today, tomorrow and the rest of the week 📅
In a glance, you can see who is not working for whatever reason over the next 7 days.

See tasks you need to complete for new hires ✅
Checklists now live on your dashboard. Whether that be a checklist you have created to onboard a new hire or tasks you’ve been assigned to others, you’ll see them here.

Reminders about birthdays, anniversaries or any other key dates 🎂
Great teams are make by creating special moments together, with the new dashboard you’ll never be able to forget those key moments with your team.

A log of everything that is happening on Charlie 📝
In recent activity you’ll see a real time feed of what is happening on Charlie. If a new hire has just completed their checklists or a team leader has approved some holiday from their team, you’ll be able to see it there.

The dashboards differ depending on your permission on Charlie. For example if you’re a team leader it’s scoped to just your team.

Team members have their own dashboard too. Where they’ll be able to easily see who is away, be reminded about the tasks they need to complete and also book time off with a few clicks.

Go and have a look now 👀
We’ll be adding and improving the dashboard over the next few months— if you have questions or feedback, please let us know!

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