Charlie’s New Pricing

As of 28th February 2018, Charlie has changed how we charge our customers. The free plan is only available for companies with fewer than ten team members, and larger companies pay £4 for each team member per month. Everyone on both plans has full access to all features, with greater customisation and functionality to make running your company even easier.

We had always imagined that Charlie would be free for companies of all sizes, forever. In fact, we did more than imagine it, we promised it. It’s been extremely difficult accepting that the best step forward for the company and its customers is to go back on that promise. We apologise for letting you down and continue to do everything we can to ensure this causes you minimum disruption. Our team are always on hand and ready to help: please email or call 020 3829 4830.

When we started Charlie, we aspired to do something that nobody had ever managed to do – build HR software that was actually a pleasure to use. With so many of our resources dedicated to servicing tens of thousands of free customers, this became a harder and harder feat.

Our customers deserve an experience that improves daily. A team that quickly responds to their growing needs without compromise. A product that continues to make their lives easier so they can focus on what matters. We must champion the needs of our customers above all else, or we risk asking them to settle for “average”... the very enemy we started this company to fight.

As we have believed from day one – building a company is hard, but running one shouldn’t be. This is one of those harder moments that we at Charlie must stomach so we can build our own company. So we can fulfil our mission to make running yours easy.

A huge thanks to all the customers who continue to support us in achieving that goal. We will work harder than ever to help you achieve yours.


Team Charlie x

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